Temporary storage

Article 24: Temporary storage in privately owned warehouses or in those owned by third parties.
a) The goods shall temporarily be stored, at the Freight Forwarder’s discretion, in his own warehouses or in those owned by third parties (either privately owned or owned by the State).
b) If the Freight Forwarder temporarily stores the goods in a warehouse owned by a third party, the same conditions shall apply to his relationship with the Customer as the ones that apply to his relationship with this third party. The Freight Forwarder shall be obliged to send the conditions of storage to the Customer upon request.
c) The Freight Forwarder is obliged to ensure the safety or the protection of the storage areas only if the same belong to him or are rented by him and only if such an obligation is dictated by good faith and business usages or at the Customer’s request.

Article 25: Entrance into the warehouse.
Any inspection or sample taken from the goods, which is required while the goods are temporarily stored, must be agreed in advance. The inspection or removal of the sample shall only be performed in the Freight Forwarder’s presence or in the presence of one of his employees who has been instructed accordingly.

Article 26: Right to sell the temporarily stored goods.
a) In the event that the party entitled to take delivery of the temporarily stored goods refuses to collect them, the Freight Forwarder shall be entitled to sell them, following the lapse of 6 months, provided he has sent a registered letter to this effect prior to the lapse of the 6-month period.
b) The sale price of the items shall be given to the party entitled to receive them, following a deduction of the amount corresponding to the fees and expenses of the Freight Forwarder.