Insurance on goods

Article 23: Insurance on goods.
a) The Freight Forwarder shall be obliged to insure the goods on the Customer’s behalf only if he has been given an explicit order in writing, in which the amount insured as well as the risks covered shall be mentioned.
b) The fact that the Freight Forwarder has insured the goods of the same Customer under previous contracts of carriage does not give rise to any obligation on the part of the Freight Forwarder to insure any subsequent goods belonging to the same Customer. A simple reference to the value of goods cannot be regarded as an order to insure.
c) The Freight Forwarder shall not undertake the insured’s obligations upon receipt of the insurance policy. He shall, however, be required to take all the necessary measures for the maintenance of the claim arising from the insurance contract.
d) If the Customer does not specify the covered risks in writing, the insurance on the goods shall cover all the usual risks and exclusions specified by the insurance company.
e) The Freight Forwarder can never be regarded as a co-insurer.