• 1975

    1975 With this car, in 1975 Kanakis Athanasios makes the big step and starts the transport to and from Germany!

  • 1977

    1977 In 1977 Nikolaos Kanakis who was the second brother also launched the transportations to Germany.

  • 1985

    1985 In 1985 with the addition of Kanakis Georgios Kanakis Corporations has been established and the fleet expanded more and the company owned 3 vehicles.

  • 2002

    kanakis_slider_3 2002 is an important year for the Kanakis family since Kanakis S.A. is established and the fleet has also increased to 10 vehicles.

  • 2008

    fortiga4 The development of Kanakis S.A. leads to the foundation of the subsidiary company: KANAKIS LOGISTICS L.T.D. which specializes in storage and logistics.

  • Today

    kanakis_logo The company continues to set high standards, to modernize and to pioneer. During her evolvement her logo changed, she built a site and entered the social media in order to rebuilt her corporate identity.