Delivery of goods

Article 19: Delivery of goods.
a) The delivery of goods shall be affected on signing the shipment documents, such as bill of lading etc or delivery notes to the Consignee mentioned in the aforementioned documents or to the authorized person mentioned as above.
b) If the Consignee denies to accept the goods or if for some reason, for which the Freight Forwarder is not liable, the delivery of the goods does not take place, the goods shall be placed in an area of the Freight Forwarder’s choice, the Customer shall bear the risk and the expenses and the Freight Forwarder shall not be obliged to insure them. In addition, the Freight Forwarder shall not be liable for auction sales, confiscation etc that may be imposed on the goods in accordance with the law in effect in the country in which the goods were not delivered.

Article 20: Delivery of goods against cash on delivery.
The delivery of the goods against cash on delivery presupposes a special and express order on the Customer’s-Consignor’s part. A sole use of the phrase “C.O.D” (cash on delivery) on the invoice shall not be binding for the Freight Forwarder to deliver the goods against payment.