Company Profile

Having many dreams and hopes for the future, in 1975 Kanakis Athanasios established an ambitious business case which is focused to transportation from and to Germany. Two years after, Kanakis Nikolaos who is the second brother joined the transportation sector providing the company with one more vehicle. In 1985 Kanakis Georgios who was the third brother joined the company as well. In the same year Kanakis Corporation was established and from then on it operates in the intarnational transportation in central Germany and in Netherlands. Finally in 2oo2 Kanakis S.A. which ownes 10 vehicles has been officially established.
Today the company resides in Thessaloniki in private properties which extend to 1500 meters. The progressive course and the development of the company continued rapidly in the next years until 2004 when the subsidiary company Kanakis Logistics L.T.D. was founded. This company specializes in Logistics services.
Kanakis S.A. was unstoppable. From 2006 the company expanded to Scandinavia ( Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Norway) creating a flexible and safe network with direct deliveries and transfers. In 2012 a new collaboration with reliable collaborators was established in Cyprus.
Today with the constant renewal of the equipment, the continual increase of our vehicles and the modernization of our facilities, Kanakis S.A. can satisfy every need with speed, consistency, reliability and safety.
Finally it is very important for our company the selection of our personel which must be based to the experience and the expertise of our employes in order to serve the customets in the best way.