Allowances – payable amount

Article 15: Remuneration of Freight Forwarders , expenses .
a) The remuneration of the forwarding performance of the assigned him the mandate set by agreement of the parties.
b) Unless expressly agreed otherwise , the remuneration and expenses paid in advance upon receipt of goods when the Customer is the sender and before delivery of the goods when the principal is the recipient .
c ) Invoices of forwarders paid in cash . The principal is overdue more than 15 days from the invoice without prior court notice or other requirement , unless an earlier deadline the law. In case of default of the principal Freight Forwarder is entitled to claim interest .

Article 16: Agreements for the price and delivery .
a) Offers of freight forwarder and agreements on prices and benefits are always only specifically mentioned facilities Forwarder / or third parties and, unless agreed otherwise, only goods normovolemic , normal weight and quality. These offers require regular and unhindered temperatures during transport. For incidental fees and expenses should be mentioned in particular . H payment of duties , taxes , fees and expenses of third parties and any special provision of services borne by the client.
b ) Possible price increases in fares or carriers to customs duties, changes in foreign currency exchange rates , taxes , charges etc. that could not have been predicted in advance justifying similar adjustments in remuneration and expenses of the forwarders .

Article 17: refusal.
If the consignee refuses the receipt of the goods transported , the Diametafo – carrier has the right to return them to the client at the expense of the principal. For return of goods the risk borne by the principal . The client is also responsible for any expenses due to the refusal of the recipient to receive .

Article 18: Offsetting .
The requirements for the remuneration and expenses of the freight forwarder of custody transfer are not offset .